1. Cathy and Bill, I am being so blessed by these messages, Bill has recorded and shared. Wish I could explain how they are “feeding me” It has been awhile since feeling this. As you know I have not been able, physically to attend Church for some years. Kidney and heart failure have kept me house-bound. It is SO good to hear God’s Word being preached. i met you and Bill many years ago, and your (and Bill) have stayed true to Jesus. I pray you both be blessed for your steadfastness in bringing so many the TRUE Word of God. The Churches today are filled with false leaders and “another ” gospel, which is no gospel at all. The same can be said about the Internet..
    Forgive me for the length if this comment. Love to you and Bill, sister and brother in the Lord.
    Hope these recorded teachings continue. I can’t be the only one who is being fed.

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    • Yes Juanita, we met many years ago and it brings me and Billy much joy that we are still fellowshipping after all these years. Thank you for your kind words. We are blessed that you are being blessed, and thank you very much for encouraging Billy to continue. He fully intends to, God willing and by God’s grace, to complete the Gospel of John. We do not attend “church” either for much the same reasons you have expressed. Things are pretty bad in the organized/institutional “church” aren’t they. Love you too Juanita. ❤️ You are in our prayers daily. No apologies necessary for length of the comment. It was a blessing! 🙌🏻

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