1. Cathy, thanks for posting this excellent video. It’s amazing to think how Billy Graham and his like-minded allies successfully reshaped evangelicals’ view of RC-ism, from that of an apostate church to a Christian entity.

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  2. How true all this is! I wish more people could see the truth about the terrible ecumenism in today’s “church.” I’ve always had my doubts about these people mentioned. I was touched by the wonderful opportunity you had to reach out to those young men. May the Lord prosper these videos that they would reach those who need to hear them.

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    • Seems like many are oblivious to the ecumenism. It’s awful. It was a great opportunity my husband had to share the Gospel with those young people all those years ago. We still talk about it and we still pray for them. I missed the whole thing because I was stuck on the train. We need more of those mercies today!

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