• She’s very low Cathy. My husband has just left to pick up two of his brothers to go and visit her. Visiting is very restricted… one at a time for a few minutes and only for dying patients. (Two visitors is the limit but they made an exception today.) They took her off fluids a long time ago and can’t believe she is still alive. I was distraught as the whole thing seems barbaric. I have prayed with her and read and spoke the words that the Lord laid on my heart. My daughter in Israel sent a voice message and she opened her eyes momentarily. They were full of tears. I am praying that the Lord will overule in this whole scenario. There are a lot of background issues which I can’t really talk about here… but He knows. I love her and want to see her in heaven. My husband witnesses to her and I know that hearing is the last sense to go.

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        • My heart goes out to you all. We had a similar experience with my father and my husband’s mother so I know what it’s like except for the Covid restrictions. It brings tears just remembering. Covid now makes things all the more difficult. Yes certain things done these days do seem barbaric. We’ve experienced that also with both parents. My husband was reading the Scriptures to his mother at the end, and to my father when he was unconscious, but we believe he heard every word. The Lord is able and not restricted. We hope and trust in him for our precious loved ones. We continue to pray for your situation. May you all sense his presence and comfort in this trying time.

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