6 thoughts on “IS ACTS 8:37 MISSING FROM YOUR BIBLE?

  1. Yes, I’ve a very old large copy of Foxes Book of Martyrs given to me by an elderly man some years ago and also a very old Bible (A.V.). He would be 112 now if he’d lived. I used to have some good conversations with him and he was far from happy with ecumenism. It’s like most people now have forgotten the horrors that people endured to ensure that the Word of God would survive.

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    • It’s such a blessing for you to have known that man and to have those things that he gave you. Today we live in a different world. I heard a pastor once say when referring to doctrine that most aren’t too interested. It’s just church in the morning and then out to lunch. Ecumenism flourishes and few are alarmed.

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  2. Thanks for posting this and exposing how it is. Of course it makes sense, from an ecumenical point of view, to leave this verse out. I’ve read “New Age Versions” a long time ago which exposes much of this, including the men behind the manuscripts. Very eye-opening and a serious matter.

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