I started this blog in 2007, the year my mother went to be with the Lord. I thought it might be interesting to go through those early posts and repost some of them. Here’s one from June 2007…


Why was Betty so fearless? Learn about Salvation… here.

7 thoughts on “NO FEAR OF DEATH

  1. That’s just wonderful and very encouraging as we grow older. Thanks for posting this reminder Cathy, as sometimes we can get discouraged with “the perishing outward body!” It’s good to know that that which counts for eternity is renewed daily and all the worries and discouragements we know here will be wiped out. Praise God that elderly lady is with Him now.

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    • Thank you, Elizabeth. It was a blessing to have known Betty. She was also an encouragement to my husband when he preached at the nursing home. We met some wonderful saints there. Their infirmities did not hinder their faith. They glowed with the love of God!

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  2. Cathy, thanks for sharing Betty’s testimony! Fifteen years later the frail earthly tent is discarded and she’s joyfully worshiping the Lord and loving on her family, friends, and all of the saints.

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