My husband recently bought and has been wearing Scripture t-shirts. (See photos below.) The words on the shirts are HUGE, so we started to wonder whether or not the printing was overkill. We prayed and asked the Lord what He thought, expecting the Lord to answer but not knowing how He would do that. My husband put on one of the shirts and out the door we went to do our errands.

We entered BJ’s and as we walked down the isle a woman came up to him, thanked him for wearing the shirt and said that everyone should be wearing a shirt like that. Not long after, in the same store, another woman told him she liked his shirt. And as we left the store, the woman who checked our receipt said the very same thing. Very encouraging! That was three people in one store, and in a very short period of time! But that was only the beginning. He’s had other men, women and even young adults take the time to joyously, and I mean joyously, encourage us by commenting on these shirts. It reminded us of the time when another believer told him he should not be preaching on the subway. He prayed and told the Lord that if he didn’t want him to preach on the subway he would stop. But the very next day when on his way to work on the subway, three different people who had heard him preach on the subway came up to him with very encouraging words. He knew he needed to keep on preaching. (During that time we were able to get boxes of those pocket size Gideon New Testaments from our church. Billy would give them out as he preached. The people loved them and scooped them up.)

When Billy and I pray together every night we ask the Lord to bless the saints and minister to the lost as he wears these shirts around town. It’s amazing how many believers are close by and we don’t even know it. These shirts have been a wonderful blessing to us and others in BJ’s, Publix, Wawa, Costco, Kohl’s and even in the complex where we live. And the unsaved get to read the Scriptures on the shirts. It’s unavoidable. It may be the only Scripture they ever see and the only Gospel they ever hear.

Shirt #1 Front

The Gospel Shirt – (My Favorite)

Shirt #1 Back

Shirt #2 Front

Shirt #2 Back

Shirt #3 Front

Shirt #3 Back

Colossians 3:17 And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.


“Long have I held that war is an enormous crime; long have I regarded all battles as but murder on a large scale.” C. H. Spurgeon

During World War II, I had relatives living in Italy and relatives living in the United States. Two warring nations. A close family friend who had immigrated to the U.S. from Italy was in the U.S. military. I assume he was drafted. I don’t know too many details, and those who can fill in the blanks are long gone. The story goes that he requested that he not be sent to Italy for obvious reasons. His request makes perfect sense, and it was granted. If I’m not mistaken, he was sent to Japan instead.

This makes me think of days gone by when Christian churches of various denominations taught about conscientiously objecting to participating in war. Things have changed in our modern day churches. As we hear of wars and rumors of wars, I’m praying for a move of the Holy Spirit among our youth that will bring them back to the old paths. My family friend, though not a believer, acted with wisdom. How much more should the church of Jesus Christ do so.


There were two men,

Who went to war,

One from a from abroad,

One from our shore.


In the battle,

They killed and maimed,

The enemy,

Both did the same.


It happened that

They chanced to meet,

And fought as told,

The foe defeat.


Brothers in Christ

Were these two men,

They did not know,

Both born again.

Cathy White 2023

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Thirty years ago, during the summer of 1993, Ray Comfort came to our church in New York City. After doing a couple of teachings in the church he did some open air preaching in Washington Square Park. (See video below.) I was there with my husband and daughter. It was a blistering hot day! The video is on YouTube after all these years have gone by. I took a screenshot of my husband Billy standing in the crowd listening to the preaching. That’s him in the upper left corner. 🙂

My husband, Billy, in the upper left corner of the screenshot.