Rome hasn’t changed, and they reveal their true colors by what they say.


  1. Thanks for the good video, Cathy. The RCC claims Scripture is an uninterpretable mystery without the authority of its magisterium, and yet, as the alleged guardian of Scripture, the magisterium has created or approved hundreds (thousands?) of “sacred traditions” that contradict Scripture.

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    • Thanks, Tom. When people read Scripture with an open heart they see the contradiction and leave the Roman Catholic Church. That’s why the RCC has to make up a reason why people shouldn’t read Scripture on their own. The Bible has been called the forbidden book.

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    • So sad. I’m thinking your mom in law is sedated. Even so you can still read Scripture to her if you feel led to do that. We keep on praying. 🙏❤️

      Thanks Beth, for planning to listen to the video. I just listened to it and it’s scarily amazing what Rome teaches and what Pope Benedict (Ratzinger) said. The office of the Inquisition was renamed the “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith”. I wonder when they’ll go back to its original name and practices.

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