My name is Cathy White and I am a born again Christian. Giannina is my mother’s name and it means “God is gracious.” I started this blog shortly after her death in 2007. My mother is now with Jesus. After many years of sharing God’s Word with her she came to saving faith in her old age. She died in the Lord on March 12, 2007 when she was 89 years old. 

I will sing of the mercies of the LORD for ever: with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations. Psalm 89:1

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  1. Cathy says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I am sorry to say that I am not familiar with the churches in Italy. However, there is a church in Italy whose website I have looked at in the past. Perhaps the pastor can give you some direction. He speaks English. This is the website …




  2. Lisa Revelli says:

    Ciao Giannina,
    We moved here to Rivotella, Italy on September 22, 2009 from San Francisco, California. Your site caught me attention as I did a search for born-again christians in Italy ( only .4% huh.. how difficult).
    Are there any christian english speaking churches near my area? I tried to contact Matt Crosser who I heard was starting a church in Verona. But I think his mission is null?
    Any leads for me? Please email me if possible at my personal email address!
    Lisa Revelli


  3. Cathy says:

    That made me laugh, I guess because it rings so true.


  4. Anya says:

    I saw a bumper sticker that sums all of this up perfectly…

    “Jesus called; he wants his religion back”


  5. Cathy says:

    Thank you for your comments Anya. I truly hope one day you will become a Christian.


  6. Anya says:


    I find your site to be very refreshing. I will hesitantly admit that I do not consider myself a Christian. I do, however, firmly believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ and believe that he is the epitome of how we human beings should and were meant to live. It is the deity of Christ and the belief that believing ONLY in him is the only way to get to heaven. But I do strongly believe that following his teachings IS the only way to salvation of your soul.

    I fail to call myself a Christian simply because I do not believe in organized religion and am and most likely will always be on a quest to learn the true knowledge that we are meant to know (in a sense, I consider myself a gnostic). I also believe that there are very noble truths in all religions and so that is also why I cannot call myself a Christian.

    What I really would like to say (I suppose the above is my disclaimer so as not to deceive you into believing that I am a Christian) is that your views on Christianity are extremely refreshing and are not mucked up by religious dogma and deceit. In fact, I find your views on Christianity and anything regarding such to be almost right in line with my beliefs and therefore make me want to call myself a Christian if it wasn’t for the stigma that comes along with that title.

    I admire your open mind on the matter and your ability to express your views in a non intimidating way.

    I believe there is a new wave (which is actually an “old” wave resurfacing) of Christians coming about that DO follow the teachings of Christ more accurately and this is very threatening to the “churches” who have warped his message over the centuries.

    I honestly believe that anyone who agrees with any war and supports a president who says God told him to do it, that we must attack a country because they attacked us first (totally against “turn the other cheek” ) cannot truly call themselves a Christian and are the ones who are being led astray. (For example, in your “Prayer Request” post the sender of the email expressed that they admit that Bush hasn’t always made the right choice and then called him a prophet. This is completely contradictory and is the sign of a false prophet).

    Sorry for the long comment but I really wanted you to know that I appreciate what you put forth. Thank you very much and I will be sure to return.


  7. Cathy says:

    Thanks for stopping by . . . and yes, keep the faith, and praise the Lord!


  8. neogotchi says:

    hello! i luv your site, and I’m glad to meet another Christian blogger!
    Keep in the Faith!!


  9. Odale says:

    God Bless You in your efforts, Cathy. It’s not only a testimony to God but to your mother for honoring her memory, one of our commandments to follow. You have a wonderful spirit!


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