The Scriptures could not be clearer. Do not add to God’s word, yet we have rampant ecumenism in the Evangelical church. We yoke with Rome and celebrate her “holidays” such as Christmas, Easter etc. and think nothing of it. Are we more influenced by our Pastors and those around us than by God’s Word? Is this a small thing? Where is our fear of God?

Proverbs 30:6 Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.


Deuteronomy 4:2 Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.


Ye shall not add to the word which I command you, nether shall you diminish ought from it,….

as the Scribes and Pharisees did in Christ’s time, who by their traditions made the word of God of none effect,

as do the Papists also by their unwritten traditions; 

Revelation 22:18-19 For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.


as the Pharisees did upon the law; and when unwritten traditions are made to be equal to it, or above it, as the same persons made the traditions of the elders, whereby they transgressed the law, and made the word of God of none effect, and so broke through the precept given, Deuteronomy 4:2

as do the Papists in like manner; and when men pretend to visions and revelations, and make them the rule of faith and practice, and to confirm things that are neither in this book, nor in any other part of the word of God;



To associate the name of Jesus with “Christmas” dishonors the Lord, and does not glorify the holy God that we serve. “Christmas” belongs to the “world” and is not of God. As I observe yet another Christmas season the following Scriptures come to mind.

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

Matthew Henry: The great enemy to this renewal is, conformity to this world. Take heed of forming plans for happiness, as though it lay in the things of this world, which soon pass away. Do not fall in with the customs of those who walk in the lusts of the flesh, and mind earthly things. The work of the Holy Ghost first begins in the understanding, and is carried on to the will, affections, and conversation, till there is a change of the whole man into the likeness of God, in knowledge, righteousness, and true holiness. Thus, to be godly, is to give up ourselves to God.

1 Corinthians 10:7 Neither be ye idolaters, as were some of them; as it is written, The people sat down to eat and drink, and rose up to play.

Matthew Henry: Whether the world smiles or frowns, it is an enemy; but believers shall be strengthened to overcome it, with all its terrors and enticements. The fear of the Lord, put into their hearts, will be the great means of safety.

1 Peter 1:13-16 Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; As obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance: But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

Matthew Henry: As the traveller, the racer, the warrior, and the labourer, gathered in their long and loose garments, that they might be ready in their business, so let Christians do by their minds and affections. Be sober, be watchful against all spiritual dangers and enemies, and be temperate in all behaviour. The written word of God is the surest rule of a Christian’s life, and by this rule we are commanded to be holy every way. God makes those holy whom he saves.


I was religious but lost. By lost I mean that I was on the road to hell and did not even know it. You see I was not born again, and when a person is not born again they have no idea that they are lost.

Christians are often accused of being unloving or intolerant of the beliefs of others when they preach the true gospel and expose false gospels. But what they are doing is the most loving thing that can ever be done, and that is to share the true Gospel that will bring a soul to heaven. Someone shared the truth with me. I was saved.

Remember, Jesus is the one who said we must be born again. You can read it for yourself in the Gospel of John, chapter 3. That means born of God’s Spirit, the Holy Spirit, not water baptism as the Catholic Church teaches. I was born again when I was in my late 30’s. My husband too. Both of us are former Roman Catholics.

The Roman Catholic Church does not preach the Gospel that Jesus Christ preached. Don’t take my word for it, read the Bible for yourself. You can make mistakes in this life, and there will be consequences to those mistakes, but dear friend, you don’t want to be wrong about what Gospel you believe. The consequence will be eternal damnation. You may not believe that, but I ask you why? Have you read the Bible for yourself, or do you just believe what you’ve been taught all your life regardless of whether it’s true or not?

Let this night be a new beginning for you. Seek The Lord while He may be found. Seek Him before it’s too late. We may think we have all the time in the world, but the Bible tells us tomorrow is not promised to us. Seek Him today. Read the Bible, the living Word of God. Repent and believe the Gospel.

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

Learn about the true Gospel … HERE

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.

Salvation is found only in Jesus Christ.


An edifying sermon by Jonathan Edwards.

Excerpt …

“Doctrine: Do not look back when fleeing out of Sodom!

1. Sodom is a city of filthiness and abominations
2. Sodom is a city appointed to destruction
3. It’s destruction is exceedingly dreadful
4. It’s destruction is universal
5. It’s destruction is everlasting
6. It’s destruction is swift and sudden 
7. Nothing in Sodom is worth looking back upon 
8. Messengers from God warn us to make haste and not to look back

Application of the Doctrine 
1. Your destruction is infinitely more dreadful 
2. Your destruction is greater 
3. Multitudes were suddenly seized by wrath 
4. You will never get any farther 
5. Consider how many have fled to the mountain while you yet remain in Sodom
6. Backsliding after this will tend to seal a man’s damnation 
7. A great part of the wicked world faces some outward temporal destruction 
8. Consider your exceeding proneness to look back”

Full sermon … here


“We can help you now.  We cannot help you then.

You may go to HEAVEN

Without health, without wealth;

Without fame, without a great name;

Without learning, without earnings;

Without culture, without beauty;

Without friends, without ten thousand other things …

but you can’t go to Heaven WITHOUT CHRIST.

Acts 4:12 Neither is there salvation any any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, WHEREBY WE MUST BE SAVED.

(Read John 3, Romans 3, Ephesians 2)”

Learn more about genuine salvation at this link … HOW CAN I BE SAVED?

(excerpt from tract “JESUS is coming again!” by Sowers Of Seed, Inc.)