Colossians 4:18 The salutation by the hand of me Paul. Remember my bonds. Grace be with you. Amen.

The forgotten martyrs…




The quote below is from the product description of FLAME IN THE WIND, a movie about the Spanish Inquisition…

“The church system offers

safety, protection, and respectability;

but the Scriptures offer Christ and salvation

from sin and with these, torture and death.”

Are we ready for persecution when it comes our way?

2Timothy 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

From Fox’s Book of Martyrs – Chapter V – An Account of the Inquisition

“Courts of Inquisition were now erected in several countries; but the Spanish Inquisition became the most powerful, and the most dreaded of any. Even the kings of Spain themselves, though arbitrary in all other respects, were taught to dread the power of the lords of the Inquisition; and the horrid cruelties they exercised compelled multitudes, who differed in opinion from the Roman Catholics, carefully to conceal their sentiments.” Read more here.

Romanism, Relics and the Worship of Body Parts and Other Things

by WF White

YouTube Video…

Romanism, Relics and the Worship of Body Parts and Other Things

Video Summary…

“A New York Times article dated April 9, 2019 tells us about the actual physical heart of a French priest who died in 1859 being venerated (worshiped) by the Roman Catholic people.

As a former Roman Catholic I know that all of this stuff is first of all nothing more than the inventions of men, and thus it is nothing more than man-made tradition. I must also say when a person allows themselves to become in this sort of thing they open themselves up to the occult and you can call it sorcery, you can call it spiritism, you can call it witchcraft and it would all apply. That would certainly offend many people but in the case of this human heart of that former priest which the church of Rome say is incorruptible it is truly bizarre to say the least. The rest of that mans body is lying in a glass encased tomb back in France with a wax mask over his face while the heart is being venerated at this time on a tour around the USA. 

Cardinal Dolan was set to lead a procession in New York City venerating that heart. We are living in a day where Christian unity is being pushed and obviously the church of Rome is smack in the middle of all of that type of talk. Keep in mind that the true Christians who stood against Rome stood against the traditions and ritualism and things such as the worship of relics that still takes place in our own day. I want you to know ladies and gentlemen that the church of Rome has NEVER changed her ways, and the church of Rome will NEVER change her ways. They still make the claim that they are the only TRUE church in the world with the Pope as the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth. Protestants were killed by the millions for refusing to bend their knee toward Rome and they stood upon the scriptures. The same Roman Catholic Cardinal Dolan boasts about the Council of Trent on his podcast radio program, but few people realize that the Council of Trent instituted over 100 curses (anathemas) against people who do not agree with her teachings. 

The same Roman Catholic Cardinal Dolan who led that procession with the heart from a dead man also spoke very favorably about that same Council of Trent on his radio podcast.

Those curses were upheld by Vatican II so do not let anyone tell you otherwise. They are still on the books. I would be one of those people who would be UNDER those Roman Catholic curses, and I thank God that I am. Why. Because the curses of Rome mean absolutely nothing to me, because they mean absolutely NOTHING to the God of truth who saved my soul out of that wretched system. Glory to God. Do you see the absolute INSANITY of joining together with the Roman Catholic system who openly pronounce over 100 curses against those people who do not believe their counterfeit teachings?”


Note: The same Cardinal Dolan, referred to above, was praised by a Protestant Pastor for praying “an amazing prayer”. What kind of message did that give to all that heard him say that, when we know that Dolan is a Roman Catholic Cardinal with all that goes along with that, including praying to Mary! … Cathy