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Catholics Line Up to Worship the Flesh of a Dead Priest in Tennessee

Hard to believe, right? Not if you are a former Roman Catholic. It’s hard to comprehend the Roman Catholic mindset unless you’ve “been there”. Protestant Christian… why are you joining with the “queen of iniquity”. Catholics Line Up to Worship … Continue reading

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So many in today’s organized church have fallen into the trap of believing that Roman Catholicism is just one of many valid Christian denominations.  All a Roman Catholic has to say is “I love Jesus” and that settles the issue … Continue reading

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What follows is the conclusion of Keith Green’s Catholic Chronicles.  His preaching was a breath of fresh air and flowed from rivers of living water, pure and clean.  It is truly a tragedy that in today’s professing “church” there are … Continue reading

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Over the past several years I have come to know quite a few of the residents at the nursing home where my father resides.  I have also been blessed by having the opportunity to share the Gospel with many of … Continue reading

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“Evangelists today are wide-eyed to the might of Communism, but tight-lipped at the menace of Romanism. America would shake from coast to coast in twenty-four hours if some preacher, anointed with the Holy Ghost, gave the Roman Catholic Church a … Continue reading

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