Previously posted in 2007.

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Our friend Ted Hellmann wrote the following sometime in the late 1980’s when he was a Prison Chaplain. He found a copy of it while doing some house cleaning and mailed it to us. He was still evangelizing when he was in his 90’s. He left tracts almost everywhere he went, and he also mailed out many tracts to be distributed elsewhere. Amazing.

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The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

by Ted Hellmann

How far have we drifted from that of a New Testament church? This church had absolute Unity of the Body and the exercise of all the gifts of the Spirit. A ministry directed by the Lord, with signs following: healing, deliverance and miracles.

If we love the brethren, we would nurture them in the full oracles of God and not local church doctrine or from headquarters. By the Holy Spirit and not the finite mind of man. How proud we are in our own doctrines, taking from the people what God has offered them. A healing for the whole body, and what audacity have we to tell God that these things are not for us today. Have we bowed down to man? Spiritual research is needed.

The church is not a man made denomination, it’s not a building, it’s not stained glass or carpet. The church is the true body of believers in Christ.

The building may burn down, the denomination may fold … but Jesus Christ is forever.