I found the following quote in the comment section where dispensational teachings were being discussed. I believe the comment sums it up well.

“Dispensationalism has the wrong center of Scripture. It is not national Israel, it is Christ.”

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Jesus didn’t exalt the Jews, he wept over them, and he foretold the destruction of Jerusalem because the Jews rejected him, their Messiah. When was the last time you heard a sermon about the destruction of Jerusalem? If we really want to bless Israel, let us preach the gospel to them, the same way we would preach it to anyone else. ❤️

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IS DISPENSATIONALISM INDISPENSABLE? – A “Must Read” Article For The Born Again Christian

Is Dispensationalism Indispensable?


“IT COMES DOWN TO THIS… Either all the Christian scholars prior to 1830 have been wrong about the central teachings of the New Testament or else the dispensationalists are wrong.

“Like many American evangelicals, I was once a dispensationalist without knowing it. I was unacquainted with the label. My teachers did not inform me that they were teaching me to interpret the Bible through a mental grid that had been constructed less than 150 years earlier. I had no inclination to investigate the relative merits of my system against those of any other— simply because I didn’t know there was anything to investigate. I had the impression that ours was the only way sensible people had ever viewed Scripture. In other words, I was not educated, but indoctrinated.”

(Found article at Apostasy Watch.)

Is Dispensationalism Indispensable?